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Debit Cards

Skip the checkbook

Our VISA debit cards are a convenient and reliable option for everyday purchases without the hassle of carrying bulky cash or dealing with a checkbook. WRCU VISA debit cards function like an ATM card and a check and can be added to your mobile wallet.

Debit card perks

  • The convenience of paying directly from your account
  • Secure – Our cards are backed by fraud protection
  • Safer than carrying cash or checkbook
  • Wide ATM network
  • Readily accepted
  • Online Banking Account access
  • MyCardRules app
  • Mobile wallet
  • MoneyDesktop and MoneyMobile
  • Travel Notes: Contact WRCU to add Travel Notes to your WRCU Debit Card any time you’re traveling. If something goes awry, funds can easily be transferred between your accounts.
  • White River CU Mobile App

Extra, extra!


  • (360) 825-4833 ext. 6
  • All of our checking accounts come with a VISA debit card
  • 24/7 VISA declined transaction assistance line
  • Member PIN Select
  • Member VISA card activation
  • Lost/Stolen VISA

Debit card services

There’s comfort in convenience. White River Credit Union makes banking more convenient with services that help you along the way.

Direct Deposit

Take the hassle out of payday by having your paycheck automatically deposited into your White River Credit Union account. If you receive Social Security or other regular deposits, they can also be automatically inserted into your account through Direct Deposit.

For Direct Deposit into your WRCU account, you will need:

  • WRCU Routing Number: 325180401
  • Your WRCU Account Number (must be in 12-digit format)
  • Please call 360-825-4833 ext. 6 option 4 for assistance

Key Benefits

  • Paychecks are deposited automatically to your account
  • Deposits are made even if you’re out of town
  • Payroll deduction

Automatic Transfers

Have your money transferred automatically, you choose the amount and time.

Don’t have a card?

Simply contact us to request a debit card for your checking account, (360) 825-4833 ext. 6 option 4.


What else should you consider?

ID theft continues to be one of the most damaging types of fraud. A 2015 Javelin Strategy & Research report found that 12.7 million Americans were victimized by identity theft in the past year, translating into a total of $16 billion in losses.

While older adults are not the exclusive targets of ID theft, they can be especially susceptible to victimization, and the impact can be devastating. Identity thieves use the information to open new accounts, misuse checking or saving accounts, rent housing, obtain medical care or employment, or obtain government records such as tax returns. Some thieves even use stolen identities when being charged with crimes.

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