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Personal loans

Funds for anything

White River Credit Union offers a variety of Personal Loans. Our friendly team will help you determine what the best option is for you. We have funds for just about anything and 24×7 online approvals.

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What is a Line of Credit?

A White River Credit Union Line of Credit gives you the freedom to borrow funds as you need. Whether it’s an emergency situation or an unexpected expense, a line of credit is a flexible option that is available to help you. You only have to apply once and use as much as you want up to the limit, as often as you need. Think shampoo, lather, rinse, repeat!

*Optional Life, Disability, and involuntary unemployment protection may be available to you.

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What is a personal loan?

With approval, you have the flexibility to take out a personal loan for almost anything. Trip of a lifetime, engagement ring, a new puppy….use your imagination!

*Optional Life, Disability, and involuntary unemployment protection may be available to you.

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What is a shared secured loan?

If you have no credit history, or are looking to rebuild your credit, you may want to consider a Shared Secured Loan. Borrow against your White River Credit Union Savings Account and get an exceptional rate, and a flexible term. We also offer Shared Secured Credit Cards. Continue earning interest on your deposits while you pay off the loan. Funds borrowed can be used for just about anything!

*Optional Life, Disability, and involuntary unemployment protection may be available to you.

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Trying to keep track of multiple bills?

Is your head spinning trying to keep track of multiple bills? Learn more about White River Credit Union’s easy debt consolidation options and streamline your debts into a single monthly bill. You may eliminate your debt faster and save money.

We have several options for you to select from:

  • Roll your debt onto a vehicle using the equity you have.
  • Consider a home equity loan, home refinance, or a personal loan.
  • Consolidate into a personal loan.
  • We’ll pay the bills for you and help you save on payments and save money. Lower rate and lower debt for you.
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What else should you consider?

Do you need a budget?

Are you breathing? You need a budget. (Yes, it’s just that simple.)

How to create a budget

Start by sitting down with the family: What are the “hard costs” – the monthly expenses (like insurance premiums, the mortgage, and taxes) that remain steady? What are the “soft costs” – the monthly expenses (utilities or entertainment) that change? What are the “variables” – things you spend on (vacations and school fees) in some months but not others? How much do you put into savings and investments? How much do you set aside for unexpected expenses?

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Protect you and your loan

Protect your family against the unexpected. Debt Protection protects your loan balance or loan payments against death, disability, or involuntary unemployment.

The protection could cancel your loan balance or payments up the contract maximums.

Purchasing is voluntary and won’t affect your loan approval.

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Use non-WRCU cards to make a WRCU loan payment or deposit

Send check via snail mail to PO Box 35 Enumclaw, WA 98022-0035

Electronic payments

  • Call us at (360) 825-4833 option 6 then 4
  • Recurring payments from another financial institution (free)

One-time payment from another financial institution (fees apply)

VISA Debit/Credit (fees apply)

Bill Pay

Make a payment at the Credit Union (we love seeing our members!)

Transfer from your White River Credit Union account

Use the form in the Make a Payment link below (fees apply)

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Loans 24/7

White River CU members have the ability to get 24/7 loan decisions with our mobile-friendly online application. You can even get a call back within 15 minutes to ask questions.

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When you’re ready to get started, we’re here to help. Our team has your back to answer your questions and assist you from start to finish.


*Loan terms range from 1 to 72 months. APR varies from 8.24% – 17.99%. Example: A 2-year loan of $5,000 with an APR of 11.05% has an estimated monthly payment of $254.38 and a total cost of $6,105. Loan terms subject to credit approval. Please review your loan agreement for specific details, fees, and rates. Contact us for the most accurate and up-to-date information on personal loan offerings.

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