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Do you have an ongoing home improvement project and need to pay contractors? Are you concerned about an unexpected expense or emergency overdrawing your checking account? At White River Credit Union, we can help you rest assured knowing that you will have funds available when you need them with a personal line of credit. With no annual fee or transfer fee and flexible options with variable costs, our Enumclaw credit union makes it as easy as possible to cover your expenses without added stress.

What Is a Personal Line of Credit?

A personal line of credit is a loan that feels more like a credit card. Instead of drawing the entire amount of the loan as you would with a personal loan, you access only the funds you need at the time. If you have a large project and know the entire cost, you can apply for the amount as a personal line of credit and only use increments as needed so you always know you’ll have enough to pay your contractors, buy supplies, and complete the project.  Boom! 

How Do Personal Lines of Credit Work?

When you apply for a personal line of credit at White River Credit Union, our experienced loan officers will review your application and, if approved, provide you access to your funds whenever you need them. There is no annual fee or transfer fee, and you only pay interest on the amount you use rather than the entire loan. 

Additionally, unlike a personal loan, no collateral is required for the personal line of credit.  If your finances are in good shape and you simply want to ensure you have extra funds to cover your next project or an unexpected expense, let our loan experts at White River Credit Union help you apply for a personal line of credit so you can manage your bills and live your life worry-free.

How Can I Get a Personal Line of Credit?

At White River Credit Union, we understand how important it is to ensure you have a stable financial future. When there is an emergency situation or an unexpected expense, you want to feel confident that you will have the funds to cover it without overdrawing your checking account or draining your savings. We’re here to help. 

As a member of our credit union, you have access to special member benefits including great interest rates on your personal line of credit. We also offer 24/7 loan decisions with our mobile-friendly online application, and you can get a callback within 15 minutes to ask questions. 

We have been serving the Enumclaw community since 1952 and love to see you prosper! Come in and talk to us about the many benefits of membership at White River Credit Union. We’ll help you decide if a personal line of credit is the right option for you!

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