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As summer approaches, you may be running out of ideas to keep the whole family busy at home. Below are some great family projects and activities to keep you busy… but not broke.


Build A Sunflower House
If you have the room outside, create a beautiful place to sit under the flowers with a sunflower house. Select an area in your yard with enough sunlight and mark out the borders of your sunflower house. Typically you want it about 6 to 9 feet long and about 3 to 4 feet wide. Dig a border about 3 in wide along the back and two sides of your sunflower house (leave the front open or partially open so that people can get in). Plant your sunflower seeds in the border and watch them grow. If you want a roof, plant morning glories next to each sunflower. The morning glories will climb the sunflowers as they grow, and eventually, you can use twine to create a roof that they will continue to grow over. Once it’s ready, you have a magical spot to hang out in your own yard.


Buffet Party
Make meals fun with a buffet party that the whole family can be involved in. First, decide on a theme, for example, meals from around the world, or even just each family member’s favorite dish. Create a menu that you can design and decorate to commemorate the event. Then have each family member choose a dish to make for the buffet. You can also design seating cards or fancy display labels for the food. Then enjoy your meal and discuss your favorites. For an added fun factor: dress up to match the theme or just be fancy!


Form Your Own Band With DIY Instruments
There are many ways to make your own instruments at home. Search DIY instruments on your computer to get some great ideas. Here are a couple of ideas to get you started. You can make rain sticks out of poster tubes filled with dried rice, beans, and lentils. Hammer in nails or poke toothpicks through the tubes to help make the rain sounds. Or, make a guitar out of a cereal box, rubber bands, and a piece of foam pool noodle for the handle. There are also a lot of ideas for making instruments out of vegetables or sticks and rocks from the yard. And of course, you can always rely on the tried and true metal pot and spoon. Have each family member create and decorate their own instrument, then start making music. Try to copy easy sing-a-longs or be adventurous and make your own song. Don’t forget to name your band!


Spread Joy
There is no better time to reach out and spread some positivity and joy. Collect rocks and paint them with uplifting pictures and words. Then walk around your neighborhood or apartment complex and place the rocks in yards, by doors, or near sidewalks for passerby’s to enjoy. This activity is simple, creative, and will get you out for some exercise. Most importantly, it is a beautiful way to connect with others while social distancing.


Adults Only

No kids? Or need something to do after they go to bed, here are our favorite adults-only activities on the cheap.


Virtual Family/Friend Reunions
If you are in need of some companionship, schedule a virtual video conference with family members or friends. Set a time and method for the video chat, and grab snacks and drinks and catch up.


Create Your Own Movie Festival
Create a list of films with your friends (or just by yourself) and plan your own movie festival. The festival could have any theme: classics, film noir, box office hits, documentaries, etc. You can even just compile a list of your friends’ favorite movies. Then watch the movies and either discuss with your movie festival friends about your reactions or post reviews online for others to read and join in on. You could even come up with your own award categories!


Driveway Tailgate
As social gathering restrictions ease, you should be able to hold tailgate get-togethers in your own driveway to maintain social distancing, but still be social. Have each person bring their own snacks and drinks, and pull up a chair. Add in some music, maybe a fire pit and you’re all set. Just be sure you are within your local ordinances for your town.


Enjoy the summer!


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