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Welcome to 2019 Annual Vote Week! Get to know our candidates for Board of Directors and Supervisory Committee before you come in and vote. Voting will continue April 15th-19th. We look forward to seeing you!

Kevin Seymour

Supervisory Committee Nominee

Member since: 11-28-2001

My daily gig: I have been with Parker Helac in Enumclaw since 2005 as a Team Lead/Machinist. Prior to working at Parker Helac,  I spent 10 years working in manufacturing for the aerospace industry.

How I spend my down time:  I enjoy spending time working in my yard. Last summer I completed a multi-year project on the backyard and this year I’m working on a garden for the first time with my 6-year-old granddaughter. I enjoy spending time with my wife and granddaughters. My wife and I have 5 adult children and 8 grandchildren and we have a trip planned in April to meet our newest grandson in Texas.  Sundays, my wife and I attend church building friendships and growing our relationship with God.

Why are you volunteering: I always think about numbers and money. I think this is a unique experience to learn more about the financial system, meet new people and hopefully represent the members of the Credit Union in a positive way.

Larry Flynn

Board of Directors Nominee

Member Since: 12.15.2004

My daily Gig: I am a retired police officer and currently serve as a Senior Vice President for a commercial insurance broker where, among other duties, I provide driver safety instruction to clients with fleets of vehicles.

How I spend my down time: In my spare time I am raising a nice herd of cattle with my grandson. I also ride horses and enjoy team roping in our arena with my daughter and my grandkids.

Why are you volunteering:  I’ve been a member of WRCU for a long time.  I’ve observed their positive growth over the years and I’d like to contribute to future growth as more than just a member. I’ve always wanted to do something positive for the community and serving on the board would help towards achieving that goal.

Quin Koplitz

Board of Directors Nominee

Member since: 01.19.1994

My Daily gig: I work in the Treasury department for PACCAR Financial Corp. Some of the responsibilities of our department include: Debt, liquidity, and capital planning, global asset/liability management, derivatives management, and short-term and medium-term funding

How I spend my down time:  I enjoy spending time with family and friends (especially if that time is on a golf course). 

Why are you volunteering:  WRCU has played a pivotal role in the success of the surrounding communities since its founding in 1952.  I believe a Board of Directors role is a tremendous opportunity – and responsibility – to ensure WRCU continues to be a leader in the success of the surrounding communities for many years to come. 

Dennis Devlin

Board of Directors Nominee

Member Since: 02.02.1998

My daily gig: I have been a chiropractor for the past 34 years.  33 of those years have been in solo practice in Enumclaw.  

How I spend my down time: My free time passion is to be physically active outdoors.  Whether it is playing golf, backpacking, hiking with my dog, climbing a mountain, cutting grass or raking leaves; if I’m outdoors and active, I am happy.

Why are you volunteering:  With savings and checking account services, personal loans and auto loans, WRCU has served my family in many capacities over the years.  WRCU has always been a member-oriented experience, and I would like to contribute to maintaining or even improving that culture.

Pat Kollen

Incumbent- Board of Directors Nominee

Member since: 07.21.1999

My Daily gig: As an Alaska Airlines retiree, I now have more time to enjoy my wonderful grandchildren, volunteer in the community, garden and play a lot of golf. 

How I spend my down time: I live on 10.5 acres with my two little dogs, three miniature donkeys and a large garden, so my down time is spent hanging around the house. 

Why are you volunteering:  I am impressed with the professionalism and hospitable customer service the WRCU staff consistently provides to its members.  I have been a proud member of the Board of Directors for the past 12 years and would consider it a privilege to continue to represent our members on the Board.

Wendy Walker

Incumbent- Board of Directors

Member since: 12.08.2011

My Daily gig: Dentist

How I spend my down time: I like to play golf, work in the yard, do home improvement projects, travel, and volunteer with my Rotary Club.

Why are you volunteering:  I like volunteering with the Board of Directors because it really is fun and interesting just like our marketing slogan says.

Dave Magstadt

Incumbent- Board of Directors

Member since: 02.07.1989

My daily gig: I organize work to be completed each day by crews, lead safety meetings, address staffing concerns and more, address customer questions, supply customer quotes, talk/meet with vendors, order supplies, manage and oversee my company.

How I spend my down time: I enjoy spending time with family, visiting property in Ocean Shores, clam digging, making and sampling beer, working in my vegetable garden, and canning.

Why are you volunteering:  I want to volunteer because of WRCU’s long history on the Plateau and great member service. I continue to want to be part of a business in our community that makes a difference.

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