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A person using mobile wallet at a brewery to prevent identity theft

Are you protected against security threats?

Did you know that scammers don’t need to hack into your account or install malware to get the information and steal from you? That’s right! Many of today’s fraudsters are using your information from sources that are readily available on the internet. They use your information to garner your trust and connection before they swindle you out of money. 

Financial security threats are becoming more personalized, and you need to be aware of the most common and damaging scams so you don’t become a victim of crime. Recently, Experian listed nine scams you need to be aware of in 2024. From AI-generated scams to Zelle scams, identity theft and fraud are steadily increasing year over year. And if that wasn’t bad enough, getting reimbursed for these types of scams isn’t a given. It depends on factors such as how you paid—gift card, debit card, USPS, etc.

With the increasing risk of security threats, ensuring your accounts and information are secure is more critical than ever. 

Three ways WRCU protects your account

WRCU takes the protection of your personal information very seriously, which is why we’re here to provide you with information to help safeguard your finances against identity theft and fraud. We’re also offering tips on protecting your personal information to reduce your risk of exposure.

1. MyCardRules

MyCardRules is a mobile app that lets you set card controls, add restrictions, and receive transaction alerts. You can manage all your card transactions in one secure place from your mobile device. 

With MyCardRules, you have complete control over how, when, and where your cards are used. The app offers several features and benefits, such as setting spending limits, real-time notifications, and managing card transactions. So, you’ll always be the first to know if there’s fraudulent activity on your card.

Adding rules that meet your specific spending preferences provides an additional layer of fraud prevention and peace of mind.

2. Fraud Prevention

The Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council notes that cyberattacks often result from single-factor authentication methods, which lead to unauthorized access to accounts. This access allows hackers to commit customer account fraud, identity theft, ransomware attacks, and other fraudulent activity.At WRCU, we take various measures to prevent fraud, such as highly encrypted password protection and EVP chip technology in our credit and debit cards. Additionally, your White River CU Mobile App login is secured with two-factor authentication options, such as Face and Touch ID.

In line with our commitment to your online security, your Online Banking Account empowers you to set up security alerts. These alerts ensure you receive notifications whenever there are changes to your password, email, and more. It’s crucial to stay vigilant, especially against common scams involving fake “fraud departments” attempting to extract login information through social engineering tactics. Remember, White River Credit Union will never ask our members for login information or card numbers. Your protection is our priority.

While our measures avoid fraud, you must monitor your accounts for suspicious activity. If you suspect any fraudulent activity on your account, please contact us immediately.

3. Identity Theft Protection

Identity theft can occur in many ways, such as phishing scams, data breaches, and social engineering. Identity thieves use your information to open new accounts, misuse checking or saving accounts, rent housing, obtain medical care or employment, or obtain government records such as tax returns.

It’s essential to monitor your credit report regularly, create strong passwords, and add a secure word to your account. By doing so, you can minimize the risk of identity theft.

WRCU protects your personal information, including data encryption and firewalls. When you call or visit WRCU, our staff uses various secure methods to verify your identity and ensure the person is you, not someone posing as you.

We will never initiate a request for sensitive information via e-mail, e.g., your Social Security number, telephone banking pin, password, or account numbers. If you receive an e-mail that requests this type of sensitive information, you should be suspicious of it and contact us to verify its authenticity.

For a comprehensive list of what identity thieves look for, visit our Member Security webpage.

When in doubt, reach out

To protect your personal information, avoid disclosing sensitive information over the phone, mail, or the internet unless initiated by you. Avoid carrying your Social Security card, limit the cards you have on you, and dispose of sensitive documents securely. Monitoring your credit report annually and using the MyCardRules app to safeguard your finances and personal information will make it much harder for the bad guys to succeed.

If you have concerns about a suspicious communication you’ve received or responded to, please contact us at (360) 825-4833. You can also stop by our branch at 1499 Garrett Street, Enumclaw. Remember, it’s better to be safe than sorry!

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