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Feeling frustrated by how your current bank does business? It may be time to start looking for a new financial institution that can better suit your needs. If you’re a business owner, you know that life’s too short to waste time dealing with a bank whose policies, fees, or customer service and support create headaches and hassle for you. Business banking should be convenient, fast, and easy- after all, you are entrusting your bank with your hard-earned money, and you expect it to help you stay organized and achieve your financial goals. If you’re starting to think that there must be something better out there in the Enumclaw area when it comes to local banking, you’re right! Here are some signs it’s time to take your business to a credit union like White River CU.


Fees, Fees, Fees!

Does it seem sometimes as though your bank charges you ridiculously high fees for virtually every service a bank should perform? Whether you are in shock over the fees your bank is charging you for checking, credit cards, or savings accounts, it can do serious damage to your bottom line to constantly have to pay a fee. While fees are unavoidable at virtually any bank, some financial institutions tend to charge exorbitant fees for commonplace services that should be included in a business banking account. You’re basically paying the bank more of your money to use your money! By checking into the competition on the Enumclaw Plateau, you can compare fees associated with other banks to the fees you’re currently being charged, and see whether you would do better elsewhere.


(Lack Of) Customer Service

If your bank constantly keeps you on hold (boo!) when you call with a simple question, or if you find yourself spending your entire lunch hour waiting in line to make a deposit, you may be questioning whether there is another Enumclaw financial institution that could provide you with better customer service. As a business owner, you understand the extreme importance of respecting your clients’ time and keeping them from waiting too long. Chances are you’ve also experienced the frustration that comes along with asking a question and not getting a definitive answer or having to go through the runaround with several employees before getting to the one who may be able to help. You shouldn’t have to be subjected to subpar customer service- it’s time to look for an Enumclaw credit union like WRCU that can assist you quickly and efficiently, so you can spend your time on more important things.


Caring Counts

When dealing with a large corporate bank, it can sometimes feel as though you are just another number, and that’s not fun for anyone. You may think the lack of personalized care in your business banking is just one of those unavoidable things, but think again! Local banking should feel local- with caring representatives who know you and your business going the extra mile to make you feel special. The human factor is important when it comes to business banking- after all, you’re relying on these people to make sure your money stays secure as you grow your business! By choosing a local credit union that allows you to build important relationships, you can experience a whole new level of customized care.

If you’re searching for a new local provider of excellent business financial services, White River Credit Union is here for all local business owners in the Enumclaw area. We believe that your business deserves better when it comes to banking. We offer a broad range of services that other area banks can’t give you- and we do it all with the care and courtesy you deserve. Don’t spend another year dealing with your existing bank for personal and business banking- visit White River Credit Union today and see why it’s more interesting here!

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