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Mt Rainier from Enumclaw Washington

As a business owner, you know the value of world-class customer service, organization, and fair pricing for your products and services. But how many of these key ingredients of a successful business does your current bank provide for you? If you think you have no choice when it comes to local banking in the Enumclaw Plateau area, think again. Here are some tips for ditching your old financial institution in favor of a financial institution you can count on to help your business grow.


Check The Fees

While some fees are a necessary evil in banking, others can be overly inflated, overpriced, and just plain unfair! If you are currently banking with a company that charges you substantial fees for services that seem like they should come standard with your business banking plan, you may wish to look at some of the local competition. By comparing the fees you’re currently paying with the fees associated with similar business banking plans at other local banks, you can make a decision whether to switch to a different bank that costs you less, saving you money.


Survey The Service

Perhaps you are more than happy with the level of customer service you receive at your current local bank. If so, congratulations! However, if there are any aspects of your bank’s customer service and support that rub you the wrong way, it may be time to start expecting more. It’s worth your while to shop around for a bank in the Enumclaw area that provides a better match for your customer service needs and treats you like you and your business matter. Your business deserves more- now’s the time to consider switching to a financial institution that can greatly improve your customer service experience.


Think Local

So many banks are run by giant corporations who see their clients as numbers, rather than people with families and businesses. Maybe it’s time to start banking with a locally-owned and operated financial institution. The specialized service and personalized care that you can expect from a local bank can make all the difference between the banking experience you’re used to and the one you deserve.

Tired of how your old bank does business? It’s time to expand your horizons with White River Credit Union. We are a locally-owned and operated credit union that has been serving the Enumclaw area for over 60 years. That’s a lot of time to get to know and understand the specialized needs of local business owners. We go the extra mile for you and your business with low fees, customized business banking solutions, and quality member service you can count on. Visit White River Credit Union today and get ready to see why it’s more interesting here. 

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